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Summer vacations are already starting, a little reminder about tipping around the world will save you from embarrassment

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myEdu.com Keeps Track of Your Classes, Grades, and Schoolbooks. Whether you are in middle school, high school, or college there is nothing more daunting then keeping track of all of your classes. MyEdu.com keeps your schedule, grades, and books organized in one place for easy access.

Once you create an account and tell myEdu.com which school you go to, its pretty simple to get things on track quickly. You can start typing a course into the scheduling tool and, from what I derived from my testing, it starts auto populating courses that are available. Once I saw the course I was taking, I selected the correct teacher and time and it was immediately added to my schedule. Once the class was on my calendar, there was instantly a new tab showing my which books I needed for the course and where I could get them at the best price.

myEdu.com is a free service. Plus, you can create a link for your school and for every student that signs up they donate a $1 to your school, which isn’t bad at all.

StudyBlue is a neat webapp that lets you create digital flash cards directly from notes you take in class or anywhere else. You can also take the cards you create just about anywhere with mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

StudyBlue is free, but it seems you have to go to school to use it. If your college hasn’t been added to their list of schools you’ll have to wait a bit for it to be approved. This seems to be to your benefit because StudyBlue lets you add specific classes, but it’s kind of annoying as you have to wait a day if your school isn’t on the list. Nonetheless, once you’re in you can start taking notes and making flash cards from those notes. If you’re an Evernote user, StudyBlue now integrates with Evernote so you can keep your notes there and just sync them when you’re ready to make your flash cards. StudyBlue also tracks correct and incorrect answers when you’re studying with your cards to help you better learn the stuff you don’t know.

If you’re studying for finals and need some help you can take anywhere, StudyBlue is a great (and free) option.



Frustrated with the high cost of textbooks? Did you know you have multiple options? You can choose to buy, rent, or even resell your old textbooks with some of the resources listed below. Any of these methods can help you save ALOT!



Let kayak.com makes it easier for you!
This website is a travel resource that brings information from hundreds of other travels sites and help users book flights, hotels, cruises and rental cars. The best part about kayak is that It helps you to find the cheapest tickets available!

I-5, I-405, I-90…so many choices. Before planning to get around the Puget Sound area, try looking at live traffic cameras to see which route isn’t bumper-to-bumper traffic.


Need help deciding which restaurant to go to? That’s what reviews are for. Find them easily using the tutorial below.

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