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You’re browsing the web, going to all the sites you love, and you’re coming down with hand cramps from constantly going back to the mouse just to go back to the address bar so you can type in your next destination. These keyboard shortcuts can save you the trouble.

Making the trip up to your browser’s address bar directly from the keyboard is very easy, but it does vary from browser to browser. Here’s a breakdown:

Firefox: Control/Command + L
Chrome/Safari/WebKit: Control/Command + L
Internet Explorer: Alt + D
Opera: Control/Command + L

Here’s an added bonus. If your browser has a separate search box

Firefox: Control/Command + K
Safari: Command + Option + F
Internet Explorer: Control + E
Opera: Control/Command + E


Go to Online Self Assessment and answer ten Yes / No answer questions to find out if you have the necessary student and technical skills to succeed in online learning.

Did you know that you can make your files smaller before sharing them? This comes in very handy when needing to email those files. By “zipping” an individual file or an entire folder, you save a lot of space and then need to attach multiple files. The video below will help you create your first “zipped” file:


Make your document more professional! Adding simple page elements like headers and footers, the date, time, page numbers, and more can add nice touches to your document. Additionally, did you know that these elements can be added to the top, bottom, and even the side margins of each page. Here’s how to add simple elements:

Speed up your computer in one simple step! Over time and with regular use, files and folders on your computer become disorganized. This can cause the system to run slowly over time. Cleaning up or “Defragmenting” your computer generally improves the overall performance. This short video will show you how:


Wouldn’t it be great to have access to your files anytime, anywhere, without having to carry them on you? Most students carry a laptop, cellphone, or usb flash drive with all of their files. However, using an online resource called “Dropbox” allows you to access, store, and share all of those files…without needing to lug around all of that equipment.


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