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Speed up your computer in one simple step! Over time and with regular use, files and folders on your computer become disorganized. This can cause the system to run slowly over time. Cleaning up or “Defragmenting” your computer generally improves the overall performance. This short video will show you how:



After years of struggling with your old, sluggish Windows PC, you’ve finally unwrapped a shiny new computer. Here’s how to get started tweaking your settings, installing programs, and beefing up security to keep it running like a dream.

>> Set Up and Get to Know Your New PC

New PC

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You’ve taken your requisite Apple product unboxing video and boasted about your brand new Mac on Facebook, but now it’s time to get down to business. Whether you’re new to the Mac or not, here’s how to set up and get started.

>> Set Up and Get to Know Your New Mac

New Mac

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